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Inspiring youth, blooming wonderfully, six years of glory, building a dream for the future Happy 6th birthday to Henderson

Release time:2022-08-05 09:14:19

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Time flies, the sixth anniversary has passed, and Henderson has gone through six years. Through continuous practice and learning, our colleagues have worked hard and tenaciously in this new era of rapid development, and have obtained a leading position among many competitors in the field of biotechnology. 

Henderson continues to improve its professional advantages and has made itself a high-tech enterprise with its own intellectual property rights for systematic antigen-antibody products. At the same time, Henderson has high-quality core raw materials, and has achieved full coverage and multi-platform comprehensive business fields in platforms such as chemiluminescence, molecular diagnosis, rapid diagnosis, and clinical biochemistry. We has been committed to strengthening the team building and optimizing the management system; strengthening the training of all employees, improving the loyalty of employees to our company, and putting forward new requirements for the comprehensive ability, understanding of management and coordination and communication skills  of middle and high-level managers. In terms of employee training, we have always encouraged employees to take learning as their livelihood and improve themselves through learning, and we always encourage employees who are willing to learn and enjoy learning. Each department will concentrate on the training of professional knowledge, management knowledge, business process, business-related regulations and policies to improve the capability and comprehensive quality of our management team.

Henderson's core technology team brings together outstanding talents from universities at home and abroad, with more than 90% of undergraduates and above, and more than 15 masters and doctoral researchers, we have extensive experiences in the research and development of prokaryotic antigens, hybridoma antibodies, molecular antibodies and diversified purification.

??? Zhang,Ph.D

Researcher, Institute of Military Cognitive and Brain Science, Academy of Military Medical Sciences

Deputy Director of National Engineering Laboratory of Immunodiagnostic Reagents

National CFDA in vitro diagnostic reagent review expert

Member of the Ninth National Drug Standards Committee In Vitro Diagnostic Reagent Subcommittee

"Excellent young and middle-aged technical experts"

"Arms Award for Outstanding Talents in Military Medicine"

Long-term engagement in the screening and verification of new diagnostic markers for major infectious diseases and major diseases

Rich R&D experience in the transformation of diagnostic reagents

Obtained a total of 18 national and military scientific and technological achievements

??? Liu,Ph.D

Double Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology/Computer Science 

Microinjection Transgenic Expert

American Laboratory Animal Qualification Certificate (UTG)

First author of a chapter in Antibody and Drug Transmitter Technology Application Series

Published several academic papers

Possess a patent for the detection of an antibody

More than 20 years of experience in gene recombination, cell culture, protein expression purification and labeling, monoclonal cell and antibody production, ELISA and POCT product development experience

??? Xu,Ph.D

More than 30 years of life science research experience

The research field involves non-viral gene therapy tumor, protein expression and purification, identification



Our company has established a stable and efficient independent R&D team, mastering the core cutting-edge technologies of antigen, antibody and enzyme research and development, and has accumulated rich experience in research and development projects. At present, we have developed more than 300 kinds of high-quality antigen, antibody and enzyme raw materials, which are favored by customers.

From research and development to production to achieve seamless connection, the production platform is equipped with a complete set of mass production system and strict quality evaluation mechanism, so that the product has excellent performance in terms of stability, specificity and sensitivity. We are also able to provide customers with one-stop customized services and solutions.

The summer breeze is cool, and everyone immerses themselves in various team building games with great joy. After the game ended, everyone arrived at the lunch scene. Mr. Fu, the deputy general manager of Henderson, and the managers of various departments made a concluding speech. "A group of people with one heart" family culture inspires us to share weal and woe and make progress together with the company. We must integrate corporate culture into every bit of our work, strive to improve the company's cohesion and centripetal force, and be able to think in one place and work hard together to make ourselves become part of the company's core competitiveness.

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Looking back on the past six years, we believe that a brand new Henderson will set sail again and create miracles in the next six years!

Happy 6th birthday to Henderson again!

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