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Whole Series of Raw Materials for Inflammation Detection—A Special Topic on [C-Reactive Protein]

Release time:2022-07-29 15:12:03

Background Introduction

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is an acute phase protein synthesized by liver cells when the body is stimulated by inflammation (microbial invasion, tissue damage, etc.). After the body was injured by infection, CRP increased rapidly in 5-8 hours, and rose hundreds of times to the normal value within 24 hours. After infection control, it can be rapidly reduced within 24-28 hours and recovered to normal level within 7 days. In addition, CRP can be used for risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases. The US CDC/AHA guidelines suggest that hsCRP CRP should be used in primary prevention to assist in risk stratification of cardiovascular diseases. HsCRP has higher sensitivity and accuracy in the low concentration range (1-10mg/L), while the detectable range of conventional CRP is 10-200mg/L. Thus, it makes up for the limitations of the detection range of conventional CRP and improves the potential risk of cardiovascular diseases prediction. AHA/CDC guidelines for cardiovascular disease risk assessment are as follows: hsCRP level<1 mg/L is low risk; 1 mg/L<hsCRP level<3 mg/L is medium risk; HsCRP level>3 mg/L is high risk. 

Recommended Diagnostic Raw Materials

[Product Information] 


[Product Advantages]  

★High Sensitivity

★Wide Linear Range

★High detection agreement rate compared with that of Siemens product 

[Product Performance]

On the fluorescence chromatography platform, antibody was paired to prepared immunofluorescence test strips to detect the clinical serum assigned by Siemens CRP with immunofluorescence test strips. The sample agreement rate is R 2> 98%.


On the latex turbidimetric platform, different antibodies were used to prepare latex enhanced turbidimetric reagents, and Siemens assigned serum was detected. The comparison results with JQ reagent are as follows:


[Company Background]

Qingdao Henderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd, established in 2016, serves as a professional supplier of core raw materials for in vitro diagnostic reagents and is committed to providing high-quality raw materials for global in vitro diagnostic reagent production enterprises, scientific research institutions and other fields.

The company provides the following staple products: antigens, antibodies, enzymes, etc., widely used in the detection of drug, respiratory infectious diseases (A, B, COVID-19 antigen, COVID-19 antibody, COVID-19 neutralizing antibody, syncytial virus, etc.), other infectious diseases (hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis, etc.), markers for tumor, inflammation, myocardial markers, animal diseases detection (dog, cat diseases) and other fields. 

The company, after years of development, has established several specialized laboratories and SPF experimental animal bases, a comprehensive and systematic R&D verification platform and formed a professional technical service team to provide personalized customized services and one-stop solutions.

Qingdao Henderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd is willing to build a renowned product brand for all customers with high-quality products and professional services to keep a foothold in the market with its sound competitiveness.

Limited space only allows the introduction of major products. You are welcomed to contact Qingdao Henderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd and acquire trial samples if you need more information.

Qingdao Henderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Official Website: http://www.madeiraregencypalace.com/

Tel: 0532-84670782

E-mail: info@qdhenderson.com

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